Sleek Chair Series

True to its name, a sleek chair is an absolutely slim and slender chair that can add a lot of charm and glamour to your office environment. The high back of a sleek chair offers added comfort and back support while the curvy design makes it look stunning.
While big and bulky chairs were in vogue till a few years back, the quickly decreasing office space has prompted owners to look for furniture that is not too huge yet offers the same amount of comfort and elegant looks. Keeping all this in mind, Regent Seating Collection has come up with an innovative design of chairs that has become a major hit amongst clients in a short span of time.

These sleek chairs are manufactured from the finest quality material and designed ergonomically for better posture and added comfort. The wheeled base of the chair offers easy manoeuvrability. There are plenty of colours and designs to choose from with the option of getting your own chair customised as per your specific needs and requirements.

Listed on top are some of our best selling sleek chair designs. To know more about a product, simply press the ‘Ask For Quote’ button.
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