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Discover Our Range of Superior Quality Products Regent Seating Collection is a name that stands above the rest in terms of its quality as well as the wide range of products on offer. Since our inception a few years ago, we have tried to evolve constantly and produce new and innovative products that are always a notch better than the previous versions.
The result of all those years of research and improvisation is a product catalogue that boasts of plenty of unique and innovative products. We are proud to say that our product range is more comprehensive and extensive than most of our competitors.

At Regent, we offer a huge gamut of products that is designed to suit your each and every requirement while, at the same time, lending a modern and chic look to your workplace. All our products, be it the Mesh Chair Series or the Executive Chair Series, are manufactured from the best quality material available. With our new-age technology and hard-working employees, we can assure you furniture that will last for a lifetime.

Some of our best selling products include Sleek Chair Series, Director Chair Series, Workstation Chair Series, Student Chair Series, Lounge Chair Series and Sofa Chair Series.
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