Regent Seating Collection – Furniture Par Excellence Since its inception a few years ago, Regent Seating Collection has swiftly become a name to be reckoned with in the world of superior quality office furniture manufacturers. We specialise in supplying top-grade furniture to offices, multi-national organisations, corporate houses as well as residences in not only India but around the world.

What has kept our number one rating intact for successive years now is a basic yet extremely elegant design, a non-compromising attitude towards quality and an interminable resolve to do better every time.

Benefits of Comfortable Seating Comfortable seating has always been an integral part of a fine office setting. Not only does it ensure proper posture and thus freedom from back pain and other physical problems but it can also dramatically improve the performance of an employee. Especially, with the ever-increasing work hours and pressure to deliver, it becomes all the more important to make your employees as much at ease as possible.

With the objective of offering homely comfort to our valuable clients even in the hectic office environment, Regent Seating Solution has invented a whole new range of new-age furniture that perfectly combines contemporary style with the tremendous benefits of ergonomics.

Making furniture is not just putting together wood, steel and plastic but a lot more than that. Chairs that are improperly designed can result in a person suffering from various diseases such as back pain and other posture related problems.

Our Endeavour – Building Everlasting Bonds We believe that it is our duty to serve our clients with the best products that are designed to make your life less taxing and in process creating strong ties with you, our treasured client, that last for a lifetime.

We are made up of a group of dedicated and hard-working individuals who believe in giving it our best shot at ensuring that our customers remain completely happy with our services.

Our clients have always commended our exceptional customer service both prior to and following the delivery of a product.

We believe in creating never-ending ties.
Your Comfort Our Business