Mesh Chair Series

Mesh chairs are the latest fad, which can be seen widely in offices and corporate organisations these days. The most important advantage of these chairs is a breathable meshed back that ensures continuous flow of air and thus offers the user more comfort and a fresh feel.
If you are looking for a new chair for your office and want something that is sleek in design and comfortable to use, then the new-age mesh chair will certainly thrill you.

As opposed to a leather back chair, a mesh chair offers better ventilation and added comfort even if you are seated for hours on end.

Regent Seating Collection’s superior quality mesh chairs are manufactured from top-grade material, which when combined with features like adjustable height and tilt control, gives you a chair that can go miles in improving the overall office atmosphere.

While the sleek looking mesh chair seems like a frail product at first glance, the tough steel and fabric construction can withstand the weight of even the heaviest of users. Some of the other advantages of a mesh chair includes lumbar support that helps keep perfect body posture and thus reduces the chance of fatigue and body pain.

Besides the plethora of colour and design options available with us, you can also order a customised version and we will be glad to fulfil your demand.
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