Director Chair Series

Director chairs, with their big size and impressive appearance, are meant to reflect the power that a director level officer enjoys. The cosy cushioned seats and comfortable armrests will make you feel absolutely stress-free and relaxed even in the hectic office environment.
Regent Seating Collection’s incredible range of superior quality director chairs has all the virtues of an excellent office chair such as a neat, simple and ergonomics design that cares for your comfort as well as your health.

With a huge variety of design and colour options available, these director chairs are a must have when you are looking to lend that chic look to your office.

The chairs come with a height and tilt adjustability mechanism, giving you the option of setting it as per your convenience. The added back support ensures proper posture and thus reduces the chances of back pain. Besides the available designs and colours, we can also get a chair customised in case you have some special requirements.

Regent’s director chairs are manufactured from the finest quality material available in the market, which is tested by a team of experts before being sent for production.
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